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Japan Practice

Businesses of Japanese companies in Korea are exposed to various complex risks. Successful join ventures are on the decrease, but civil, criminal and administrative responsibilities of CEO and management at headquarters in managing local subsidiaries or branch offices are under stricter scrutiny pursuant to Korean laws. Labor and employment regulations,
Transactions between clients and subcontractors or agencies are under stricter regulation for fairness, while protection and benefits are close to non-existent.
which have traditionally been a difficult area to navigate, are becoming reinforced under the current governmental policies introducing new policies including shorter working hours. Local subsidiaries are now expected to abide by the strict rules of compliance on trade secret and data privacy, in the same level as is required by the headquarters. Local CEOs are in strong need of legal advice and protection to cope with unexpected incidents, and the need for an overall measures in local management or a practical measures are on the rise.

Key Practice Area

<In-Bound legal service>
One-stop service advising and supporting Japanese company’s
expansion and operation in the Korean market
– Investment (Foreign investment, JV, M&A, Licensing)
– Business transaction (Partners and subsidiaries, Agent, Fair trade and Financing)
– Management (Corporate in general, Labor & Employment, Trade Secrets, Data Privacy, Withdrawal of bonds)
– Compliance(Internal Investigation)
– Dispute settlement
– Settlement, liquidation and disinvestment
<Out-Bound legal service>
Providing comprehensive legal service to Korean companies seeking business in Japan in liaison with distinguished Japanese law firms and accounting firms.